We are so lucky to have so many great pubs in Cheshire – we really are spoilt for choice. But how do we decide which one to go to? If you’re like us you take a quick look at some websites and go with one that catches your eye. And the way that smart thinking pubs do that is by having pictures that make it look like a lovely place to spend an hour or two, relaxing, chatting over a few drinks and some delicious food.

It’s obvious really isn’t that the photographs should be very attractive, projecting an ambience and standard that draws customers through their doors. Images of food should make your mouth water and encourage you to click on to the booking and “how to find us” pages.

This is exactly what I wanted to deliver for the George and Dragon in Holmes Chapel, a large and popular pub situated right in the heart of the village. I’d been there a few times and really like the fact that it has a cosy, intimate atmosphere in the bar, where you can enjoy a bar snack.  Part of the bar is dog friendly and there are some doggy regulars who enjoy a bit of a fuss as you walk by! There is a large conservatory for a slightly more formal dining experience. There’s also a large outdoor terrace for warmer weather.

I spent the day with the staff at the pub, photographing their entire new Autumn / Winter menu. We had planned the day well together to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible. The food was photographed in different locations inside and outside of the pub, depending on the mood we wished to convey.

The team at the George and Dragon are very friendly and we had a really enjoyable and successful day. Managers Chris and Martin were on hand all day and ensured I had everything I needed and got chance to sample the dishes from time to time. I worked very closely with the chef, Billy, as it was, after all, he who had prepared, cooked and skilfully plated every dish.
At the end of a busy afternoon Chris’ grandson came in for his tea and modelled beautifully for a shot to promote the George and Dragon as a family friendly pub.
I’m looking forward to going back to the George and Dragon to do some more photography in a few weeks time. I’m also going to teach some of the staff how to take photographs of the food for social media. Now that’s what I call switched on! 

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