Had a wonderful few days last week visiting and photographing babies. I met my great nephew Beanie (no official name yet) for the first time and caught up with Myrtle again, who is six months old and has tripled in size since I last saw her. Baby Beanie is a very welcome addition to the family – his grandfather, Ralph, sadly passed away last year and it’s great for everyone to celebrate a new life. Beanie was just 5 days old when we visited and caused much awe in us all, especially the children who I’ve never seen be so delicate and attentive to anyone or anything. We spent a very peaceful afternoon sitting in the kitchen in the warm spring sunshine, with Beanie content and fast asleep for much of the time. We tried in vain to remember top new baby tips for Lucy and Alan but it’s funny how your memory fades. My best piece of advice was to “just go with the flow” for the first few weeks – not that I followed my own advice but I wish I had! Lucy is a graphic designer and has painted the most amazing mural on Beanie’s wall – see pics above.
Myrtle is our friends’ Gael and Max’s baby daughter. I spent a lovely afternoon in their back garden playing with her. She’s sitting up now and it’s such a lovely interactive stage. She was happy sitting there taking everything in, whether it was next door’s cat strolling tantalisingly close by or pulling at blades of grass (and trying to eat them!). Seeing the two babies within such a short period of time really brought it home to me how quickly they grow and change. In just 6 short months Beanie will be sitting up, exploring his surroundings and engaging with people. I can’t wait to see them both again to see how they’ve changed and to photograph them again of course!

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