This was the most demanding shoot that I’ve ever done and I have to admit to feeling absolutely shattered as I headed home. Family shoots with several young children are always a challenge and call into play a range of skills from both photographer and parents, along with a huge dollop of patience.

I’m not usually thrown when faced with three boys, in this case 4 months through to 6 years, but I also had to factor in five adults whose first (and in three cases only) language was Chinese. I can’t claim to have been in control of this shoot at any one time, with older siblings getting in on the act when I was photographing the baby and then grandparents deciding it was their turn. This isn’t unusual and I normally manage it with a few distracting techniques or explaining to everyone what was happening. This wasn’t so easy with exaggerated gestures and smiles!

However, despite a huge amount of chaos and chasing around, there are a beautiful set of images of which I’m extra proud, because I know how hard I worked to get them. Baby Eric is stunning and so quick to smile and I’m so pleased I managed to photograph him with his older brothers. The look of pride on Eric’s grandfather’s face is priceless and I just wish I could have seen his face when he got to see the images.

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