A quick walk to Pickmere Lake this morning, avoiding the field where the cows were grazing as Daisy and cows spell diaster for me. I’ll never view them as gentle, doe-eyed creatures ever again. When you’re lying inches from their hooves in mud and fresh cow pat, having been pulled over by bolting dog, they are fearsome, lumbering, crushing machines. (Can you tell that I still carry the mental scars from this incident?). Anyway, no misadventures today. I am only bothering to do this post as the swans were particularly entertaining today. A family of youngsters were having a gentle paddle about with mum and dad when some bruiser came on the scene and was eventually forced to retreat to a safe distance by the protective parents. It was actually quite something to hear the power of those mighty wings as they flapped just enough for the swans to skim across the surface of the water, aggressively seeing the unwelcome visitor off.

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