It’s been a while since my last confession post… I fell out of the blogging habit last year, largely because I spent most of my free time on a project to take and post a photograph every day during 2012. (Separate post on this is simmering away in my brain and will come to the boil soon).

I’ve really missed writing and have made it a resolution for 2013 to do more. I’m planning to combine all my blogs into one – it was getting confusing for me never mind anyone else. So top tips on photography and posts about recent shoots will all nestle here alongside tales of our exploits as a family.

I’ve given my blog a bit of a facelift – it took far longer than I expected to do a few simple changes to the background and header – but I’m pleased with the overall result. Feels a little friendlier than all that serious black and green I had before. And it seems more appropriate to feature my lovely children and dog in the header too!

Ferb, the dog, is a new addition to our family and he will no doubt be the star of the show for the foreseeable future – he’s so darn cute and extremely photogenic. He even has his own Facebook page if you can’t wait between posts to see his little hairy face.

Also set to feature a fair amount is our new (to us) caravan. With two successful outings under our belt (we won’t mention the encounter between our gatepost and a caravan window!) we’re planning holidays up and down the length of Britain this year.

I’ve already got a long list of ideas for blog posts and am itching to get started. With heavy snow supposedly heading our way I can forecast lots of photo opportunities and lots of time sitting in front of a roaring fire, blogging away. Hopefully they won’t just languish unread in the ether somewhere – at least I know my other half reads them and points out where I’ve used apostrophe’s (sic) in the wrong place and embellished the truth somewhat, in order to be more entertaining!

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