I’ve got a guilty secret and only my family and closest friends know about it (and come to think of it my hairdresser and some complete strangers in Costa Coffee). It’s something I used to only do behind closed doors but have recently taken up in public places too… Before you ring the police and /or a psychiatric help line, I’ll enlighten you – I am a knitter! After a period of abstinence I am now completely addicted once more and am rarely seen during my “spare” time without wool, needles and flying elbows.
Like all embarrassing secrets I have to weigh up who I tell about my yarn yearnings. It’s amazing how knitting polarises people into 2 distinct groups – firstly the “Oh god, you don’t, do you?!” group, who burst out laughing and then mentally take you off their list of exciting people to invite round for dinner. Secondly there’s the “Oh so do I – isn’t it great” group who share your passion and completely understand it.
Perhaps it’s my snobbism but I also think that you can break the group of knitting lovers down further as well (well my marketing background encourages me to segment the market!). There are those knitters who fit the stereotype to a “T” – cardiganed grannies knitting endless blankets, sweaters, hats, scarves and socks out of leftover balls of wool that are then presented to family members who are too tactful to ask them whether they are a) colour blind or b)stuck in a 70’s time warp. For those of you that believe all knitters fall into this category, you’ve obviously missed the knitting revolution and I would challenge you to put your prejudices aside and look again. Knitting just got SEXY! Well, not just – It’s been that way for some time now. Designs and yarns have caught up with the times and it’s now cool to be handknitting. People all over the country are picking up their needles and creating fashionable garments, cushions, bags out of the most amazing colours and textures.
When I tell people my little secret now I usually make sure I’ve got something I’ve recently made about or on my person (or on one of the kids), so that when they give the usual “Oh god, you don’t do you?!” reaction, I can quickly blow apart their preconceptions by showing them a natty little hat out of baby soft yarn in delicious colours. I usually find that they are astonished and quite often start to hint quite heavily that they would love said garment themselves.

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