Calling all bloggers…and eBay and Etsy sellers, in fact anyone who regularly posts pictures of their products online and can’t call on the services of a professional photographer every day, for obvious reasons. Are you taking your own photographs but getting frustrated and a bit embarrassed because they don’t do your yummy product justice?!

I knitted these gorgeous hats for my newborn photography shoots and decided to photograph them for the website. I didn’t use any fancy kit – just an entry level SLR and natural daylight  – oh and I used some simple photography basics to get a really nice shot:

I made sure that it was an overcast day – bright sunlight would have killed this shot.

I knew that diagonals make a nice strong composition. And I’d spotted a similar shot in a knitting book which “inspired me”.

And I used a zoom lens to make the background nice and blurred.

And that was more or less it, apart from a few simple tweaks on the computer to crop the shot and saturate the colours to make the hats really stand out.

Of course practice makes perfect and I have taken a fair few pictures in my time! But you could do this too, with some simple and practical tips and probably with your existing camera. I offer photography classes on an hourly basis, tailored to your requirements and experience. I’ll work with you at your place of work, using your camera and show you how to dramatically improve your photographs.

I charge £40 for the first hour and then £25 for every hour thereafter. This rate includes:

  • A telephone consultation to find out what you are looking to gain from the tuition.
  • A proposed schedule for the session.
  • Travel to and from the your home or another location*.
  • Follow up notes from our session.
There’s no truer saying than “A picture is worth a thousand words” and it’s well worth investing in a little help to make your products stand out from the crowd.

* I am based in Cheshire and my fee includes travel within 30 miles of CW9. Any distance in excess of this would be charged at 40p per mile.

By Jane Burkinshaw. Share this post by clicking on one of the Share buttons on the right hand side. I’d love to hear your comments too!

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