Almost to the minute that Barack Obama was being sworn in as president, my daughter was making her own solemn promise to keep the Brownie Guide law. Yet another emotional landmark in her short life, with much clicking of the camera and blinking away tears. And a couple of days later her younger brother joined his own little club, as he put on his brand new jujitsu costume and stood proudly next to the other little warriors. Amazingly we have seen improvements in behaviour from both of them since attending their respective clubs. Should we find it alarming that they listen to and obey other grown ups much better than they do to us?! Sam’s other guru would appear to be the Wii Fit machine – he obeys it to the letter. “Mummy, the Wii Fit says I should take a break now and get a drink of water” and off he trots. Can it be programmed to instruct him to do his homework, clean his teeth and not get out of bed 10 times before he goes to sleep?!

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