Abbie is 9 today and I know Nic is heartbroken that he can’t be here and is missing her like mad. Hope this little write up helps him feel a little less far away! Abbie loved her presents – new baseball boots (wish they did them in my size), a lava lamp (cool!), a Hello Kitty friendship book and a sew it yourself racoon key ring (from Sam of course!). But my grown up 9 year old had a tantrum worthy of a toddler when she realised she hadn’t got a birthday badge to wear for school. There’s no pleasing some people! Determined not to give into her demands I settled down to some work, but somehow found myself in town later, wrestling with a Hello Kitty balloon and carying a bag with birthday badge and banner in it. I came close to tying her up with the banner and attaching the badge to skin when I picked her up from school still bemoaning lack of badge!!

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. We nipped out for a birthday tea and in spite of the lack lustre service at Pizza Express we had a great time. The kids had taken pens and paper to keep themselves occupied and we designed a host of hilarious anti Hello Kitty characters – my favourite was Bog Off Bunny! Both kids are now tucked up in bed – I shan’t breathe a sigh of relief until I know they are asleep, but I am having a well deserved glass of wine. I should really be getting an early night as we still have a party for 30 and a sleepover for 6 to survive at the weekend.

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