We returned from our summer holiday in Cornwall with hundreds of lovely photos of the beautiful cornish scenery, the kids playing on the beach, surfing in the sea – the usual stuff. I sort of had a plan right from the start of the holiday to do something special with the pictures when we got back, rather than leave them on the computer, never to see the light of day. We don’t use albums any more (does anyone?) and we only print a few pictures out every now and again – in fact I think it’s almost a year ago since we last did.
I’ve put lots of photobooks together for clients but never for ourselves, so this time I was determined to. As ever I took photographs every day and almost everywhere we visited and
from time to time I spent a little time in the evening jotting down a few notes about the day’s events, anything funny the kids had said or the dog had done!
I was all set up when I got home to put the book together and couldn’t wait to get on with it. I used Bobsbooks for the first time as they offered full double page spreads, nice quality binding and a full colour wraparound hard cover. They are not the cheapest around but I think you get what you pay for. I downloaded their software and over the next couple of weeks I did a bit of the book at a time. The software for all the different companies is usually pretty intuitive – each has its little foibles which can be frustrating at times but overall it’s drag and drop your image into a standard template, move it around and resize it if you want, add some text and so on.
Well, I don’t know about you but I was absolutely delighted with the finished result and was dancing around in excitement when it was delivered. The quality is great, lovely vibrant colours, thick pages and just fab! It’s slightly under A4 size and now sits in pride of place on my new cabinet in the family room. Any visitors to the house get it shoved into their hands but I’ve not had any complaints yet!
So go on – get those pictures off your computer and do something with them. I’m already planning a lot of Christmas presents and had better get started as I’m sure they’ll get busy soon, as photo books are becoming increasingly popular and are replacing the traditional photo album. (And Bobsbooks are not paying me – I just think credit should be given where it’s due!).

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Hi there – just wanted to say I'm so glad you posted this – these books look fantastic, definitely something I'd be interested in one day! I'm Roachling for 365 – I was having a nosey at your website and blog after the comment you left me today!

I am already booked on a course in July and have a digital photography book I want to read this year but I will definitely keep you in mind if I want to do another photo-course at some point!



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