Abigail hates it when we describe her as “arty”, but ever since she’s been able to wield a paintbrush she has shown a bit of an artistic bent. I’ve always loved her works of art, even when I didn’t really know what they were, but then I am somewhat biased. I still have a cupboard stuffed full of stiff pieces of coloured paper with flaky poster paints, glitter and pasta (!) dropping off every time I move them. Over the years I have become increasingly hard hearted, relegating pictures to the bin when she isn’t looking, but there are certain ones which make it onto the notice board next to my desk – her incredibly detailed cartoon strips, with tiny, intricate drawings and deadpan scripts and the card congratulating me for doing well at the dentist, amongst others.
It’s one thing for us biased parents to think she’s got a talent for art, but it’s fantastic when she’s recognised by less subjective judges! When Abigail’s design for the Wincham village logo won I was beside myself, especially as I was privy to this information about 10 days before her, as it was revealed at a meeting I attended. She was presented with a certificate and prize in school and we look forward to seeing the logo in use. (Picture & article are from this week’s Northwich Guardian).

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