Well, it’s been 12 days since my last confession… but no ordinary 12 days. It included birthdays for both offspring (we didn’t plan that very well did we) and a half term holiday, predominantly with husband in absenteum. The calendar of events for the 12 days reads like the contents page of one of those guides to “1000 things to do with kids before you die”. A trip to London, cinema visit, Chester Zoo, at least 3 National Trust gardens, 2 indoor play barns (aka torture chambers for parents), a party for 17 six year olds, 2 clothes shopping trips (with kids in tow)… and that’s all that what remains of the functioning part of my brain can remember. For some reason this period of frenzied activity coincided with my decision to seriously reduce my wine consumption, so instead of being able to kick back each evening with a deliciously cold glass (or 3) of chardonnay, I’ve been irritiably sipping coke, brewing tea and finding it difficult to get to sleep without the aid of an alcoholic sleep aid. On the upside I’ve had more energy, been clearer headed and the Wii fit tells me I’ve lost 2lbs!

Looking back on the activities of the last 12 days I am no longer surprised that we are absolutely knackered, to the point of functioning like inefficient and grumpy robots by about tea time and struggling to answer simple questions, never mind the multi-tasking challenge of chatting to cashier, packing shopping and keeping an eye on daughter in the supermarket. Thank goodness something like normal service resumed with the return to school today – although husband is absent again and there’s still another birthday party and sleepover to brave at the weekend! However, I am much energised by the prospect of visiting the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the NEC this week – a nirvana for any one keen on photography. I’ll be bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and somewhat lighter of pocket when I get back.

I’ve just finished loading, reviewing, deleting and editing the hundreds of photos snapped since my last blog – the collage at the top shows the best of the crop. These pictures serve to remind me that however exhausted we find ourselves, we are truly blessed with 2 incredibly funny and wonderful kids and I would not swop this mad life for anything.

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