It seems like ages since I did a family rather than business blog – life has been as hectic as ever. But looking back at the photos from October we’ve packed a lot in and had a great time. Halfway through the month we celebrated my nephew Ewan’s 5th birthday (“baby Ewan” just can’t be 5 already!). We went to his bowling party (made it this time after breaking down on route last year). Abi was first to get a strike – hence the jubilant pictures and Sam was relieved not to come last. After a pizza birthday tea we headed back to hotel chez Patrick but ran out of time for a dip in the hot tub.

Hallowe’en started mid October with the school Freaky Friday disco, when Wincham was besieged early evening by knee high gremlins, vampires, witches and the like. After the 7.30pm watershed the slightly scarier junior horrors hit the dance floor and the noise level hit new heights. I got through the event by sharing smuggled in wine with another mum. Hope no law abiding PTA members bother to read this. Half term followed quickly after with more spooky and revolting goings-on. We visited Bug World at the Albert Docks hence photos of giant slimy beasts and zebra bottoms (no – I don’t understand that either!). As we couldn’t fit in trick or treating this year I allowed myself to be pressganged into a Hallowe’en tea party on the 30th and ended up quite enjoying it (well, the wine anyway). The highlight of Hallowe’en for me was the sight of Sam as a keyboard-playing, headphone-wearing zombie, dancing away oblivious to the fact that we were watching!
Kids are now back at school but no peace for the wicked. Lots of work on (good news) and all the Xmas pantos etc looming (has anyone got a wolf costume I can borrow?!) Posted by Picasa

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