End of the term and the school year brings a raft of special activities and events for the children – talent shows, parties, open evenings and the like. This week school held a teddy bears picnic and on Wednesday bears of all shapes, sizes and colours were being traipsed into the playground. Thanks largely to Build a Bear there was a huge variety of costumes, with the inevitable princesses and ballerinas, to the more unusual punk rockers and soldier bears. I was particularly proud of my efforts (hmm – bit of a give away!). Although Sam’s spaceman bear was wearing its shop bought space suit, his oxygen tank, boots and helmet were all fashioned by yours truly out of silver foil and a clear plastic lid. Sam was made up with it, apart from the knob on the lid – it took me a while to convince him that it was a communications nodule. He later complained that everyone spent all day trying to pull it off. I thoroughly expected his bear to win and was quite put out when I heard he’d been beaten by “swimmer bear”! But my spirits were lifted when Abigail announced that her bride bear had won! All that hard work had paid off and for once my kids were proud of their mum’s handiwork.
Also on Wednesday was the At Home evening – when we got the chance to visit our children’s new classrooms and see what they’ve been up to in their old ones. We all really enjoyed it – well at least I thought we had until we were on the way home…! Sam was bemoaning the fact that Abigail and I had both got things to bring home with us (friendship bracelets), whereas all he had was sadness!! Much to his chagrin we fell about laughing and I’m storing that comment away with other little gems from Sam – such as the time he was claiming he had no one to play a game with – and Abigail helpfully suggested he should play with his invisible friend. To which Sam replied: “Even he’s not speaking to me!”. Posted by Picasa

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