Sometimes life can feel like a bit of grind – especially at this time of year when Christmas lights are no longer twinkling, the family of santas, reindeer and snowmen that used to live on the back of the sofa have emigrated and the recent thaw has uncovered streets that look dirty and grey. Luckily our everyday lives are filled with little moments that make us laugh out loud or perhaps just chuckle to ourselves. My kids are at their funniest when they don’t know they’ve said something hilarious. I was trying to persuade a sleepy and reluctant Abigail out of bed yesterday by getting her cuddly polar bear to give her eskimo kisses and telling her in my best polar bear voice that “Mr Polar Bear says it’s time to get up.” Abigail’s deadpan reply “Mr Polar Bear can go fish!” had me rolling on the floor much to her bemusement. (She got it once I explained it to her!)
We were all giddier than usual during tonight’s evening meal, as it is Nic’s birthday today and I had whipped the kids up into a frenzy of birthday excitement with present wrapping, cake decorating and plates full of calorific and E-number-laden goodies. Daisy was tormented with the chocolate fudge cake placed tantalising out of reach on the table alongside Count Ducula – a squeaky duck from the kids (in Daisy’s world if a toy squeaks it’s hers). Conversation at the table was unexpectedly challenging with the opener “can our hamsters have sex?” (from Sam who is 6 and who, as far as I am concerned, hasn’t even been given the “mummies and daddies have a special cuddle” explanation yet). Apparently the book I bought them on keeping hamsters had 3 whole pages on breeding i.e. having sex. Didn’t audit that one very well did I? Never assume that if a book has cartoons in it that it’s suitable reading material for 6 year olds. I hardly dare check what pictures are on the afore mentioned 3 pages! Probably the hamster-sutra. This was swiftly followed by Abigail’s rendition of “Let’s talk about sex, baby”, – we’ve always subsituted the word “sox” for “sex”, so her sock puppetry was particularly amusing. So life is anything but boring and all this laughter must help to keep us young. I hope I’d still be decorating cakes with smarties and candles and buying squeaky bath toys if we didn’t have kids, but knowing how much they enjoy it all does make it even more fun.

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