February has seemed like a month of birthdays & birthday parties – in fact with wedding anniversary & husband’s birthday falling in January, it’s felt like I’ve been thinking of gifts, wrapping them, planning parties, buying cakes, creating invites & thank you notes since Christmas. I like to think I’m quite imaginative & creative on all these fronts, but with production on such a mass scale & deadline following on from deadline, I’ve been bordering on a “it’ll do” attitude towards it all. And I feel guilty admitting that I’m relieved it’s all over for another year. Shame really, when I know how fondly we’ll look back on our offsprings’ different milestones.
One aspect I do, of course, really enjoy, is recording these precious events by taking lots of pictures and already I know how much pleasure we’ll get looking back at them in years to come. Sam has probably done his last indoor play centre party with scores of classmates. It’s quite sad really that slides, balls and running about like lunatics probably won’t be enough next year. Two years older, at 8, Abby chose a more select group & a more refined activity – making bracelets at a craft centre. In the party room afterwards, I realised that however grown up they think they are, there’s not much difference between 6 & 8 year olds when let loose in a room with music & balloons! The majority of 6 year olds were much better behaved than one or two of the 8 year olds too – I’m already devising strategies for avoiding tea & sleepover dates with some – certainly until I’m back to full energy reserves & have got my mojo back!

The next crucial date on our calendar is Mother’s Day – I don’t expect much… (“yeah, right!” says husband on reading this), just to know that I’m not on planning, creating & organising duty.

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