commercial photographer cheshire

I am a commercial photographer based in Cheshire, England. I don’t really like the label ‘commercial photographer’ as it sounds a bit stuffy and formal. ‘Visual storyteller’ is more like it – telling your story in pictures, showing who you are and what makes your business unique.

I’ve been working with creatives and independent businesses for more than ten years and have purposely chosen this client base, because I love working with people who are passionate about their brand and their business. They have invested heart and soul into making it a success and I want to tell their story authentically and passionately on their behalf, via inspiring, high quality images.

We work closely together from the outset, developing mood boards and a mutual vision of the style of imagery required to communicate the ethos and quality of the products or services.

I understand how nerve wracking and uncomfortable it can be to be in front of the lens and a lot of the skill in my role is making people feel relaxed. I pride myself on often being told that a shoot was ‘surprisingly enjoyable!’

Want to talk about your business and how I can help it shine online? Contact me to  have a no obligation chat.