Christmas is all over and done with for another year – half built lego models lie abandoned on the living room floor, the tree is looking a bit tired and the wine rack is somewhat depleted. I want to restore some order to my rather chaotic house and get out of this weird limbo created by all the bank holidays. I’ve had my fill of long lie ins and watching schmaltzy movies in the afternoon and now I want to charge forward into 2011, spring clean the house, attack my business with renewed vigour and get fit and healthy. But we’re not off to a good start as I’ve spent the last few days crawling from bed to sofa and back again, with this flu bug that seems to have attacked the nation. This is the first time my aching eyes and sore head have been able to cope with a computer screen. I’ve been looking at all the pictures I’ve taken since the children broke up from school and its hard to believe it was less than two weeks ago. Everywhere looked so completely different – a crisp, white winter wonderland – absolutely perfect for that final run up to Christmas. What better way to start the holidays than with some sledging albeit on rubber garden trugs!

I even managed to escape for a morning to Tatton Park and found that I just about had the gardens to myself. It was quite special to roam around the snowy paths, with only the sounds of birds calling, squirrels (I hope) rustling in the bushes and the occasional soft thump of snow falling from overladen branches. I enjoyed a sneaky cup of coffee overlooking the Japanese Garden – the aroma of good  coffee steaming in the cold air and a beautiful view all to myself – perfect!
By some amazing stroke of look we all were fit and well over Christmas and enjoyed Christmas lunch and presents at Gran’s. Baby Joe provided great entertainment for us all, but especially kept our kids occupied. with burying him under all the wrapping paper. It was lovely to have Boxing Day at home for a change – the calm before the storm that was my brother and his family arriving for two days. The panto at Crewe Lyceum was surprisingly good – although Sam was mortified that Nic and I were such enthusiastic audience members! A visit to Legoland (Trafford Centre) rounded it off perfectly for the children – the male adults seemed to enjoy that  a lot too!
New Year’s Eve was spent at a James Bond themed party – I turned up later as one of Dr No’s dead victims – determined not to miss the midnight celebrations.
Now all there is to do is kick this flu bug into touch and leap into action … but I think I need a snooze on the sofa now after all this hard work…
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Great to see your pictures Jane – I especially like the one of the gate. It's way to damp and gloomy out for photography anyway, so best pay that sofa some more attention and get rid of the flu. Sue x


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