I’m torn between asking myself where have the last 10 years gone (which makes me feel old!) and reflecting with amazement on how much has happened during our first 10 years of marriage. Just looking at the number 2010 staggers me – it only seems a few short years ago that we were discussing how we would celebrate the eve of the new millenium and looking forward to our January 2000 wedding. 2010 looks like a number from a futuristic movie – we should be wearing silver suits, eating meals in tablet form (do diet shakes count?!) and travelling around in flying cars. We could have done with the latter last Friday when we were sat as good as stationery in a traffic jam on the M62 for the best part of an hour, with me desperately regretting having downed a large Costa coffee (I was even contemplating flagging down a nearby campervan and asking if I could use its facilities!).
We were on our way to York for a childfree weekend to celebrate our tin anniversary, looking forward to mooching around, sleeping a lot, sharing some candlelit meals and a few bottles of wine. York is an ideal city in which to do all of that and more. The shopping looked great – lots of variety with some lovely boutiques amongst from the standard high street bunch – and coffee shops, bars, ice cream parlours, ye olde tea shoppes on every corner and in between. We abstained from shopping – January is a rubbish time to have an anniversary as we’re usually on a frugal stint – but we indulged in lots of liquid refreshment and sampled some of the international food on offer. We found a wonderful little bar serving beers from around the world and spent a couple of hours late Saturday afternoon cocooned in its cosy and unpretentious upstairs room, shut away from the outside world, immersed in our books, and drinking fruity Belgian beer. The sort of Saturday afternoon we took for granted pre children!
But we did miss the little horrors a lot. We spent far too much time planning where we would take them when we returned to York as a family (have already booked a hotel just outside York with a family room for half term!).

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